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I started training 16 years ago while serving In the Navy. I was introduced to CrossFit by my team leader during a deployment. It destroyed me. I knew then I had to attack it and become better.

From there I grew a love for power training and olympic lifting. Once I got certified in CrossFit, I decided to pursue more knowledge of Olympic lifting. After the military, I went to school and studied physical education and biomechanics.

I had a great deal of knowledge, but I did not have the wide variety of demographics to make me a successful coach. From there I went to work at a commercial gym. For 6 years I applied all of my knowledge, as well as picking some up on the way, to help almost anyone willing to better themselves.

My list of certifications are:

Joshua Pelzl



Every coach at THE GRID conducts themselves in a professional manner and is ready to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Elizabeth Inpyn

R.D. Performance Coach

$400/per month

Full nutrition with meal planning, recipes, blood work analysis, weekly call, etc


For athletes who want race or game specific nutrition (planning for events like an Ironman, a race, or a day of golfing/tournament


For a health issue or dietary concern

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